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USDOT West Central SBTRC
Bonding Education Program
The US Department of Transportation provides a Capital Assistance Program (CAP) that may be a source for key funds on your next project. To find banks in your state that participate in the program go to:  http://www.dot.gov/osdbu/financial-assistance/participating-lenders-short-term-lending-program

We have put together a video that walks you through a loan application.  We have also included all the attachments that you will need to successfully complete a loan application.  

The USDOT Team includes a loan consultant that will help you make sure your loan or bond application is accurately prepared to ensure the financial institution has the best chance of approving your request.​

We also partner with NOWaccount - they provide a quick turnaround on invoices, so that your money can work for you.
Pam Nesius
Loan Consultant
With NOWaccount 

-Receive invoice payments in days

-Take on new and larger contracts

-Offload the risk of slow payment

-Fund your company growth
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